Rachel Garlin

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Wink At July

by Rachel Garlin

Released April 21, 2015
Tactile Records
Released April 21, 2015
Tactile Records
From the Berkeley Hills to the Isles of Scotland, from Keith Haring’s graffiti to the studio of an elusive artist, from the poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks to letters and words exchanged between friends and loved ones, Rachel Garlin guides her listeners on a winding road of language, images, and the creative process in her latest album, Wink at July. Tonal ballads and bandy melodies provide a seamless interplay of storytelling and music that encourage listeners to reminisce, celebrate and take solace while navigating our shared human existence. For all its descriptive strength, the 12-song album might be compared to a cherished book of vignettes, except that there is a poetic element, something evocative that infuses each song with lyrical as well as narrative power.

Wink at July takes us to varied settings and hosts a cast of characters with whom we relate in unexpected ways. From a painter who lives “up on a ladder in boots” to someone who got her mother’s eyes but can’t see “the blue behind her gaze” to a rookie teacher in Phoenix who “cannot believe the heat” during the era when state prisoners were forced to wear pink uniforms to shame them. With plenty of joyful tracks, the album also offers explanations for sadness in a complex world: “Holding it together is a metaphor / For someone trying not to fall apart / Like the bellows of a loosely hung accordion / That move against a tightly pleated heart.”

Clearly influenced not only by the folk music from her childhood in Berkeley or the coffeehouse songwriters of her college years in Cambridge, Garlin also seasons her songs with rock and bluegrass flavors as she offers recordings in various formats from solo acoustic to a full electrified band.

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