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"Noe Valley folk singer brings sidewalk jam sessions to grateful neighbors: ‘She’s a light!’"

"Rachel makes it look effortless with her accessible melodies, but dig deeper into her lyrics (like "crash course in chagrin") and you realize she's creating poetry in relatable human situations."

SF Chronicle
John Platt, WFUV

“Late to Bloom” captures Garlin’s ability to write infectiously poignant music that resonates in a timeless way."


“Democracy Demands” that you give her a listen."

“Faceted gems of lyrical storytelling blend music and words to create startling, rich narratives. As with Garlin's earlier albums, the more you listen to these songs the more you fall in love with them.”

Music Fest News
Edge Network

"The State That We Are In is distinguished by its unique and affecting lyrical sensibility. Intensely imagistic and unsparingly observed, her lyrics capture a decidedly contemporary kind of wonder—awe tinged with fear, shuddering hope in the face of slow-motion ruin."

Country Queer

"Garlin is an accomplished storyteller, with a truly literary sensibility. Whether she’s framing a song of new love around an old photo booth or inviting us to picture ourselves in the California countryside, Garlin has a consummate command of the English language, crafting images of a carefully observed life."

"Garlin loves not only teaching about the art of music, but building relationships with people who want to have a voice and tell their stories."

"A joy from start to finish!"

Country Queer
Riff Magazine
Americana UK


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