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Rachel Garlin is a touring singer-songwriter with eight albums and a prolific career on main stages across the country. A folk-rock-troubador by trade, she's also a creative adventurer who loves to reach out and connect-- from the stage during concerts and also during interactive workshops where she writes songs in real time in collaboration with the audience. Rachel has a tried-and-true process for guiding participants--with joy, humor and humility--to awaken their own senses of themselves as creatives. Rachel's mission as a workshop leader is to support participants in understanding the conditions needed to open their own poetic channels.

Artist • Performer • Presenter

4 Saturdays of songwriting.

Songwriters Club Workshop

90 minutes.

Denim & Poetry Workshop

45 minutes.

Swing & Release Workshop





In this quick workshop, Rachel collaborates with volunteers to write a "quick first draft" of a brand new song while modeling the art of "done beats good". With a belief that a quick first draft can be a valuable tool for creatives, Rachel will harvest ideas from the audience and pull back the curtain on her own creative process. In the end, she will share the fruits of the group's labor while inviting the group to consider the conditions they need in their own lives to move beyond perfectionism and embrace the spontaneous moments that seed the rich narratives of our lives. 

Songwriting on the spot

Swing & Release Workshop

In this workshop, Rachel demystifies the songwriting process and invites participants to take the first step toward writing their own song, rap or writing piece. With the pressure OFF, participants explore ways to awaken the senses while recalling formative moments in their own lives and moving toward shaping them into shareable creations. Interspersing songs from her own repertoire, Rachel guides the group to discover the elements of songcraft that they might use in their own creative endeavors. This one is fun, generative, vulnerable, and full of surprises. 


Denim & Poetry Workshop

In these individualized sessions, Rachel tunes into your individual interests and needs as a writer. Personalized coaching sessions can include: song-starts, lyric feedback, musical feedback, help getting “un-stuck” or celebrating a new song and polishing it for performance. Meet with Rachel for four consecutive weeks while developing a new song. Each week has a teaching focus and a chance for feedback. Week one focuses on song-starts and sensory details. Week two focuses on utilizing contrast in song sections. Week three focuses on editing toward deeper meaning. Week four involves putting it all together, and a chance to share with the group and receive final feedback.

one-on-one and small group song coaching

Songwriters Club Workshop

“More than just a singer; she’s a storyteller with an infectious radiance about her that can enthrall an audience.” – Music Connection Magazine

“Storytelling at its best." – Curve Magazine

“Rachel Garlin's music harkens back to another era. Her poetic lyrics and acoustic guitar conjure up memories of great folk singer/songwriters from a generation ago such as Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell.” - Bay Area Reporter

“Garlin loves not only teaching about the art of music but building relationships with people who want to have a voice and tell their stories.” - Riff Magazine

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