Rachel Garlin is a touring singer-songwriter with nine albums and a prolific career on main stages across the country. A folk-rock-troubador by trade, she's also a creative adventurer who loves to reach out and connect-- from the stage during concerts and also during interactive workshops and one-on-one sessions. Rachel has a tried-and-true process for guiding participants--with joy, humor and humility--to awaken their own sense of themselves as creatives. Rachel's mission as a workshop leader is to support participants in understanding the conditions needed to open their own poetic channels.

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Meet with Rachel for 30 minutes a week to work on your songwriting.
The time is yours to spend however you wish.
Here are some options:
Rachel can:
--help you start a song from scratch
--listen to a song you've already started and help you move it forward
--listen to a finished song that you want to change or in some way

30-minute sessions are  $75
(sliding down to $50 where needed)

How it works


This session works best for people who've played a little bit of guitar but don't currently have a habit of playing. We'll spend time figuring out what would motivate you to play your instrument more often and with greater satisfaction. Sometimes, this means finding a song that you love and making it your own; sometimes it means finding a new challenge that is just within your reach (not too close, not too far) and working toward it. Either way, the goal is to get you playing (again).

How it Works


“More than just a singer; she’s a storyteller with an infectious radiance about her that can enthrall an audience.” – Music Connection Magazine

“Storytelling at its best." – Curve Magazine

“Rachel Garlin's music harkens back to another era. Her poetic lyrics and acoustic guitar conjure up memories of great folk singer/songwriters from a generation ago such as Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell.” - Bay Area Reporter

“Garlin loves not only teaching about the art of music but building relationships with people who want to have a voice and tell their stories.” - Riff Magazine

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