A Case of Books

October 31, 2022

Sometimes when I’m seeking inspiration for a song, I turn to a random page in a book and just start singing what I see, read or feel. It’s a way of prompting a new song without overthinking what I’m going to write. 

Books are best when circulated, but recently the Little Free Library (a cabinet used for free exchange of books around the city) disappeared from our corner. Someone cut it from its bike cable and removed it with all of its books.

We made a MISSING sign and put out a clue box and ended up meeting lots of new neighbors, school kids, and passers-by.  People wrote notes, shared ideas, and dropped off temporary shelves; the newly make-shift library gained joint ownership and stewardship, and circulation increased.

Then one day, a guy named Michael donated a new (used) cabinet, Neil sunk it in cement, Pamela shared photos, and Eliza made a video to the tune of the book-inspired “Never Cabaret.” Thanks all, and here’s to more reading, greeting and community seeding.