I’ve always been fascinated by stories about women-loving-women throughout history. How/when/where have these relationships and identities existed during different eras and across cultures? Narrowing my focus to two women in 1940’s New York, I explored my interest by writing some historical fiction on the topic. Here’s a 2-minute trailer for “The Ballad of Madelyne & […]

VIDEO AND LYRICS BELOW Americana Highways hosted the premier of our new video for “Winter Fuel (Good King Wenceslas Revisited)”. Please find Melissa Clarke’s review below along with the video and lyrics to follow. Thank you, San Francisco – the people, the voices, and the stories – for collaborating on this winter offering. Americana Highways is […]

Irene Young is hard to get these days; as you may know, she’s a renowned photographer who is currently writing a book about her 50+ year career photographing musicians and artists. As luck would have it, she was able to join us for LUISA and after the multi-cam shoot, she edited a video that we’re […]

On a crisp January day, I hopped in the car for what would be my first in-person meeting with Jonny Flaugher, the bassist and producer I’ve been working with remotely since the start of the pandemic.

February 14, 2022

Songwriting: Luisa

I haven’t seen a lot of films lately, let alone animated ones, so when I watched En Canto with my kids recently I was surprised by the vividness of . . . everything! The character Luisa got my attention the most.




Joshua Tree had been calling me for years, so when my friend and choreographer Sarah Bush told me she was headed there, we decided to make it the site for our first collaboration.