at hotel cafe in LOS ANGELES

rachel and the band


Rachel & the Band at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles

February 15, 2022

On a crisp January day, I hopped in the car for what would be my first in-person meeting with Jonny Flaugher, the bassist and producer I’ve been working with remotely since the start of the pandemic. Six hours and one truck stop later I arrived at his digs in LA, greeted by an enthusiastic 5-year old who was eager to introduce me to his new favorite movie En Canto (more on that in my February blog). Jonny and I had our first fist pump and hug, collected our instruments into one car, and showed up at the Hotel Cafe for our ground zero gig. Drummer Michael Moore and multi-instrumentalist Phil Kronengold filled out the rhythm section and the next thing we knew we were performing for a live audience, full-band style, debuting new songs like There’s a Train and Morning Lullaby and appreciating the re-opening of things, if only a little, while reveling in the feeling of LIVE MUSIC on stage, in the moment. Catch some of our set from that night below.


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